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August 28, 2020

Medical Records and Anemia Management in Uganda

Here in Uganda, anemia is still quite a significant challenge. Annually, we register 53% of children, and 32% of our female adolescent population with anemia.

July 16, 2020

Self-medicating when Expert Consultation Fees are almost Zero

In September 2014, a New Vision reporter published a report that indicated that 81% of malaria patients attempted to self-medicate with antibiotics. This report directly

July 15, 2020

Can Software be Regarded as a Medical Device?

For many years, software has been a great part of our lives right from the operating systems on our computers, up to the phones. They

July 15, 2020

Why Patients Still Visit Medical Centers with no Appropriate EMR Systems

Medical centers spend at least UGX 2.5M every year on paper files and storage space, this is not to mention the difficulty in retrieving patient